Planti will help you to keep your plants in top shape

Your plants 🌱

Save your plants and add images, notes, and reminders. Organize your plants into rooms.

Plant Identification 🌼🔍

Discover the species of your plants instantly. Just snap a picture of your plant, and our advanced AI will identify its species for you.

Reminders 📅

Easily set up reminders for all types of care. Never forget again! Get reminded for watering, fertilizing, misting, rotating, repotting, and trimming.

Share the care 🤝

You can organize your plants into households and share them with others, such as family members or roommates, so everyone can receive reminders and care for the plants together.

Works offline 📲

It will sync the next time you are connected to the internet.

Growing plant species database 🧑‍💻🌿

Get all the information you need about your plant, such as how much sunlight it needs and what color its flowers will be.

Ready to take your plants to the next level?

Download the Planti, it's free.